PHP Finances

The money that PHP receives each year in donations is almost 100% distributed to families in crisis. We have no expenses other than stamps and stationary. We are unique in that we have no building and our “staff” is 100% volunteer.
PHP is a “hand-to-mouth” organization: what comes in, goes out. To improve out long-term stability, PHP has an “”Endowment Fund” and a “Loan Fund”. These funds offer benefactors the opportunity to gift PHP with donations that keep giving. Both funds are administered by the Board of Trustees.
Only the interest from the Endowment Fund is used for distribution to clients. The principle is completely deductible as a charitable contribution. Donations may be any real property. The Loan Fund allows any benefactor to “loan” cash to PHP. Funds are deposited and the interest goes into the PHP General Fund. The person making the loan can then withdraw the funds anytime with 30 days notice.

Support & Limitations

PHP provides families/individuals in crisis with rent or utility payments (never paid directly to the family or individual) . However, sometimes there are special needs. We have helped with car repairs and assisted others in obtaining eye glasses. Special needs can take many forms. If a person is truly needy, on a crisis basis and has no other source of funds, we will do our best to help.
Due to our limited funding, we try to keep our support for anyone family to $200 or less for a period of two calendar years. We provide assistance once per every two years. The family/individual must be a resident of Northern Gila County and must submit to a screening of financial needs.
For rental assistance, the family/individual must secure an eviction notice. For utility assistance, we require a copy of the utility bill showing past due amounts.
PHP checks are always made out to the landlord, utility company or service provider – never to the family/individual.